Create the perfect date night at home this Valentine’s Day

Eating out at your local restaurant, going to the cinemas, or a drink at your favourite bar – they are all really great dates, let’s be honest – but if you want to earn triple gold stars this Valentine’s Day check out our date night in ideas below.

Date nights at home require effort to be extra special.  They tell someone that you are super keen and you think they deserve to be spoilt and that’s why, if you are a babe on a budget, have the kids at home, or just don’t like the idea of heading out with the crowds this Valentine’s Day – you can still create a romantic evening at home.

This year, we have pulled together our favourite ideas for a night in and we have also stocked our shelves with the perfect gifts to make it happen.

With less than a month until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start planning if you want to create the perfect date night.

At home cinema

We all love a date night at the movies, but if you want to get super romantic and win brownie points for effort then this is the perfect night in for you.

Portable projectors that connect to your phone can come cheaper than two movie tickets these days.  A quick search on eBay will bring up a range of options and all you need to do is find the perfect comfy spot.

A blank wall in the bedroom or lounge are great choices. Or, if you want to get super cute – why not create an outdoor cinema under the stars?

If you are both movie buffs, or keen for Netflix and chill, well this is the date for you.

Cuddling and stealing a sneaky kiss will be much more romantic at home, than beside the couple next to you in the cinema!

Tip to make this date extra special: Why not send them at work that day, a gift hamper filled with special treats to enjoy your night in.  We love mood lighting created by our Weekends with Bambi candle range, including in the scent Drunk in Love.  Snacks are also a must for any movie, so don’t forget to include a packet of our crunchy peanut brittle, or sweet lolly lips.

At home picnic

Picnics at home are just the best. Grab your favourite pillow and doona, or use the fancy glasses without the hassle of transporting. Forgot the wine opener? No worries, you are at home and can pop up and grab it!

If it’s a fine night, take your picnic to the next level and set it up in the backyard or on the balcony – does anything say romance more than looking up at the stars!?

A picnic in the lounge room is also super cute and perfect under candlelight with your favourite tunes playing.

If you are feeling lazy, or just want to spend quality time together rather than in the kitchen, we recommend ordering Uber Eats from your favourite local restaurant.  This is a double win - restaurant quality food for dinner without the worry of being moved on for the next sitting at the restaurant.

Tip to make this date extra special: Why not have one of our Valentine’s Day gift hampers ready for them to open and enjoy as part of the picnic. We love our Strawberry Kisses hamper for her, or, Shaken Not Stirred hamper for him.

Romantic candlelit dinner at home

Everyone loves a night off from cooking and when it’s prepared and served under candlelight, well that’s just super romantic.

If you want to take this date idea to the next level and make sure they truly put their feet up while you cook dinner, how about giving them our Pop the Champagne gift hamper.

This hamper includes a bottle of Posh Plonk's Vintage Cuvee - the very best bubbly, candle and bath soak.  When they get home, run a warm bath, light a candle, and tell them to relax while you prepare dinner.  They will be feeling super special and spoilt and know that they are loved!

Cocktail tasting at home

What is better than a few drinks at your local – especially when the local is your home!

Sipping cocktails always makes for a fun date - but why not get behind the bar and try making a few for yourselves.

Stocking the Everleigh Bottling Co.’s range, we have all of the essentials to create this cute date.

If you are feeling lazy, choose from the pre-bottled range which includes the Everleigh’s Martini, Negroni, and their twist on the classic espresso martini, Coffee House.  We even have martini and old-fashioned glasses in stock – all you need to do is chill and pour!

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want to add an extra touch of fun to your date night, why not purchase their cocktail recipe book, ‘A Spot at the Bar’, and make a few of your own to try.

A Spot at the Bar has over 300 cocktail recipes and endless hours of fun.

In house massage

This Valentine’s Day you could purchase them a gift voucher for a massage, or you could be super romantic and do your own.

A little bit of pampering goes a long way, and that's why in addition to our range of bath salts and beauty products, we have the most divine peppermint foot scrub.

Set up your in house spa, encourage them to put their feet up and give them the ultimate foot massage with our peppermint scrub.  Who knows – you might even be lucky and receive one in return!

To help you with planning your date night at home, we have now opened up our Valentine’s Day orders.  You can order ahead and we will deliver your gift hamper to your Valentine on 14 February.

Check out our full range of hampers here.

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