We're here for all of the single ladies

The month of February, that horrid time when your inboxes are spammed with all things romance.

Flowers, chocolates, champagne, all for sale… and yes you must buy it if you truly are in love.

And for the companies that don’t sell these items, they spam your inbox regardless with love heart emojis and love themed marketing emails taken from the book of ‘Marketing 101’. 

When finally the big day arrives and it is almost over, flower deliveries are made over and over to the office. Who has the bigger bunch, who’s significant other loves them more?

Ugh, it truly is like an episode of Bridgerton.

But thank goodness it’s not the 1800’s and for the trailblazing Miss Eloise’s, there is now Galentine’s Day. 

A day to celebrate confident women who know their worth is not the size of the bouquet being delivered.

One day ahead and perfectly timed, 13th February is for gathering your girl gang and loving them fiercely.

Recognising, single or not, that your bestie is beautifully perfect just the way she is.

So, to all of the single ladies this February, it’s time to shake those espresso martinis and pour a rose. Gather your girls for a long lunch, or pamper session in. We’ve got just the things to treat your significant other:

Galentine's Day Luxury Gift Hamper - a luxury gift hamper to treat your bestie with a fresh mani, face mask and espresso martini. What more could a girl want?

Bosslady Luxury Gift Hamper - this gorgeous gift is all class and perfect for the super successful woman in your life. Including a Beysis water bottle, notebook, nail polish and brigtening mask, it has all of the things to keep her pampered while working hard.

Girls Night In Luxury Gift Hamper - this gift includes all of the essentials for the perfect girls’ night in! Featuring the comfiest PJ set by Petal and Pup, our bath salts, the Unnamed’s Face Mask and a little rosé.

To see our entire Galentine's Day range click here.

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