Frequently asked questions


How are the gift boxes packaged?

We have created a luxe gift box, using a magnetic lock matte black gift box, wrapped in luxury ribbon, with black tissue paper inside for cushioning.  It is a dreamy unboxing experience for any occasion. 

To ensure your gift arrives in perfect condition, we bubble wrap the gift box and send it inside a shipping carton to protect it during transit.   

Can I design my own gift box?

If you couldn’t quite find the right basket to fit the occasion or person, we have you covered.  Click on ‘Design your own gift box’ in the ‘Shop’ section and follow the instructions to select any item from our range to create your own pressie.

Can I send a number of gift boxes or bouquets to multiple locations?

Unfortunately the checkout process only allows you to send to one location.  If you would like to send a number of gifts to multiple locations, please complete the checkout process for each location and start a new order for another address.

Can I purchase the gift box items separately?

All items are sold individually.  Simply click on the ‘Shop’ tab and then ‘Individual items’.

How are individual items packaged if not purchased as part of a gift box?

Individual items are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper free of charge. If you would like the item packaged in one of our gift boxes, use the ‘Design your own gift box’ option and add just add the one item to the gift box.

Can I send just one item in a gift box?

Of course, there is no minimum or maximum number of gifts you can add to the gift box.

Can I arrange to have a gift box sent on a particular day?

Please email us at if you would like to request that your gift is delivered on a particular day and we would be happy to accommodate this.

How can I make sure no invoices or details of costs are received by the person I am sending the gift hamper or bouquet to?

We email invoices directly to the purchaser only and don’t include invoices with the delivery.

My order includes alcohol, what age must the person be to receive this order?

The recipient must be 18 years and sign on delivery.  Due to licensing, you are unable to send alcohol to yourself.  You must be purchasing the gift for another person and sending it to their address.